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I took the art college route into playing music, in my case the piano. This opened out into many rewarding and fascinating experiences in diverse musical genres such as jazz and tango, and allowed me to develop my compositions and to start my own record label.

Alongside these life-enhancing activities, I was running a script that depression would always be an inevitable part of my landscape. I even joked about ‘having got the T-shirt’. During the good times, I would be waiting for it to kick in again - like waiting for the other boot to drop.

After trying out many things which were useful for short periods of time, I was lucky enough to benefit from a particular approach to hypnotherapy and coaching. It helped me so much – in a long term and sustainable way, that I decided to train myself and share it with other people.

I have a Clinical Diploma in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy. I trained with the inspirational Phil Parker who has helped many people out of chronic illness and pain. Many of my fellow-students were people whose lives had been turned around by his pioneering work.  They included GPs, nurses, physios, a flamenco dancer and people from all walks of life. More recently I have done an Advanced Core Transformation course with Tamara Andreas, who is another pioneer in the NLP world. A different process, but the roots are the same - compassionate and effective change.

I have recently trained as an IEMT Practitioner and am using this fascinating skillset more and more. Emotional imprinting occurs when a person lays down an unhelpful or traumatic response to an experience. Integral Eye Movement Techniques are powerful and effective and can take the sting out of 'stuck' painful and traumatic feelings. As my trainer Matt Kendall puts it 'IEMT makes your mind a nicer place'.

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